Laura is here!


I spoke to you about her.

I sang to you about her.

Over the last few months I tried to make you understand the importance of this journey.

This is not just the restless search for a person or an idea (Laura), in fact neither of them could be possibly real at all!

This is a dreamy, playful, joyful exploration of your own self and its hidden essence while surrounded by an astonishing scenary.

17th of August.

While presenting you the new video I want to thank Miriam Ruiz for being a great Laura, Producciones Galaxy and in particular Jorge Aparicio Lopez and Juan Castillo for the amazing work in directing and filming the video, Marisa Garcia Carrascosa for the help and support and obviously the best-brother-in-the-world Diego!

The video has been completely shot in Ibiza. Some of the places are the most representative and idyllic of the white island while others are hidden gems.

Two versions have been issued of the video, one in English, one in Spanish. They are also slightly different, so I invite you to find the differences 🙂

The song was produce and mixed by Massimiliano Ciccarelli and can be found on Spotify other than Apple Music and Google Play.

Square One, the new EP

Remember this date: 1st of February ! This is going to be the date of our new release, Square One the new EP we have been working hard on.

So from the 1st of February you will find it available as physical limited numbered copy on our official store or on the main digital stores (Spotify, Apple Music, etc).

Who ever played Monopoly when little kids?

After completing one full circle you would get to Square One again, but this time enriched of experience and changed comparing to the first time you were there.

This is what this EP represents for me: a new start on the same game board but with a different awareness and enriched from the first lap.

Experiencing the same thing twice or three times is never gonna be the same after all, our body and brain learn from the experience so every repetition would have a different feeling. Seeing the same world with different eyes and soul.

The Art work, a picture by Maxime le Conte des Floris represents exactly this: a square towards the sky as new start to look at with optimism.

I will be presenting the new album at The Islington in Angel on the 29th of January and the official release on the main digital stores will be on the 1st of February. At The Islington you will have the chance to get one of the limited edition physical EP before every body else, so don’t miss it !

Here the Facebook Event for more info on the night, see you there!


Thinking about…a Christmas gift!

Hello guys! We have been working on new songs lately and enjoying the last days of nice weather. As winter comes, Christmas gets every day a bit closer. We all know how special is this day…and also everybody knows that Santa is always bringing gifts in his bag.



That’s why we are thinking about giving our fans a nice gift. We are releasing a “best of Colourshop” album called: “So far”. It includes the most significant songs we have written during the past few years. We do feel very proud of what we have achieved so far and we plan to go ahead and keep creating.

You can have it for FREE! It’s very easy:

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3. We’ll send you a link to the download

4. Enjoy “So Far”