Let me show you how – Official Video

I believe the only way to move forward and become a better person is to always keep in mind where your roots are.

Like any tree can not grow to its full potential without having strong roots deep in the ground, so we need to stand still on our feet to keep growing and developing.

It can be easy in today high pace society to lose or forget what the important things are and what really matters in the end.

Family is the word. Those who love us for what and who we are, no matter what.

That beautiful process where our parents teach us to move the first steps, brush our teeth or peel an apple becomes mutual when we teach them how to use the emails or how to use a smartphone.

That is what i wanted to sintentise in my new video for the song Let me show you how ! With the help of the excellent director and videographer Gareth Kay we tried to mix today’s life scenes together with old sequences from 8mm cameras of birthday parties and family gatherings until the final return HOME.

It took one sleepless night to go through hours and hours of recordings, birthdays, Christmases and lunches to finally select the scenes you can see in the video. Well worthy I would say since I remembered things, episodes and people I had a fade memory of.

A big praise to my mum, dad and grandma that, for the first time in their life, were acting in a video for an outstanding performance. . .Oscars this year ? Remi Malek beware ! 🙂

So the result is a mix of feelings and emotions: joy, melancholy, nostalgy and love..