Chasing Life out now!

We are glad to announce that our new EP Chasing Life” is out now on main digital stores such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc. and available in 100 hundred limited edition hard copies. This EP features a great musician and producer, Lewis Fieldhouse who helped us with the arrangement of the song. The fourth track is an old song of ours, Sparks of Life, remixed by our friend and great musician-sculptor-everything-related-to-arts JAGO.

This new work is the result of sweat, passion and music purely squeezed and mixed together. As usual we would like to thank all our friends that made this possible and our fans that followed us so far.

We have shoot a videoclip for the new single based on what it could be the story of a lot of musicians that moved here in London to pursue their dream. It’s the story of a guy that tries to make his own living out of the music and then…well you will have to watch the video if you want to know the full story. Meanwhile you can meet the cast:


and now the video…enjoy it!


Stay tuned!