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New Album Lyrics

Hello dear friends,

The new album is nearly ready for you to enjoy it, but before to announce the official date of the release I want to let you know about an idea I had recently.

Since many of you asked me where to find the lyrics of the songs I thought it was a good idea to publish them here one by one.

So from the next week I will share with you the lyrics of the songs of Square One with a little background for you to understand what the song is about and how it was written.

I hope you will enjoy ! 🙂


Photo by Mem Ster

Recording . . Recording

It is always a long process when recording a new album but nevertheless rewarding in many ways.

REC STOP DELETE REWIND over and over again.

That is what we have been doing for the last few months in our studios of London, Ibiza and Rome.15875009_677037899122641_8284982507251004587_o





We will announce soon the date of the new release and we hope that all of you will enjoy listening to these track as much as we enjoyed writing, arranging and recording them !


Our new single Laura is out now!

Dear fans we are happy to announce that our new single Laura is out now! We have been hardly working on our new EP which will be coming out soon.

Laura is the result of our endless efforts to keep our dream going. It is a relaxed and chilled song talking about….sorry guys you will have to give it a go to know what the song is about but you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Here is a live version with the brilliant cellist Philip Kelynack.

You can find the song here:





Great news coming soon !!

Hello all,

It has been a while since the last time !

We have been working hard to deliver some great new songs to you!

This project has spanned almost one year, it was hard work but hopefully you guys will like our new EP !

We recorded it between Italy, UK and Spain involving many different musicians from different backgrounds so to give it an interesting international flavour..

Here some shots from the recording:

IMG_7711 IMG_7640 1471710239985 IMG_7939

We want to take this occasion to thank everybody that worked with us on this new project, particularly


more news about the release dates will come soon so stay tuned!!


Picture by Ian Rafael Piqueres Bonner

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