Feeling at Home ( House )


Here some shots from the gig at Home House, great members club in Mayfair, London.

My dear friends Vaskar and Simone, did a great job capturing the best moments of the gig.

It was a magical night, so many friends around, a great atmosphere and also my parents were there listening to me!! It does not happen very often !

I am now recording new songs and planning more and more concerts in London and not only..

Stay tuned on my socials for more contents and news !




Pictures by Simone Morini




Pictures by Vaskar S. Kayastha



Laura, the single that anticipated Square One was born in a warm summer night while the city lights were blinking out of my living room window and I was thinking about Love.

Love moves everything in this world and is the ultimate reason behind many of our decisions and choices.

So I thought if Laura loves me, she would not ask me to change, she would not ask me to be someone else and yet she would be there for me.

Love, for me, is first of all about freedom.

Well that’s my idea of love at least, hence the last verse:

Laura, I will find you one day


Enjoy this midsummer night’s dream.



I have been thinking about you

and how you make me feel good

with every little subtle movement of your eyes

you make me feel that everything is fine

I have been thinking about me

if I will ever really change, if I will finally be able to stop

to settle down and be a grown up

then you take my hands, look at me

with a playful smile upon your cheeks

I can’t deny you were right when you said with your cool style

go with the flow, just go with the flow



Laura, you just came to my life

but everything is bright

when you are by my side and

I can’t stop singing

Laura I wonder where you came from

you are like the sun after the storm

you shine if I am there or not

and I can’t stop singing



I have been sharing with you

my crazy points of view

so many people would have run away by now

but you are still here standing next to me

I am telling the truth

when I am saying to you

the day I ll finally be able to stop and settle down

it ‘s not far to come

then you take my hands look at me a playful smile upon your cheeks

don’t rush it now, you say to me, with your cool style and your irony,

go with flow, let’s go with flow



Laura, you just came to my life

but everything is bright

when you are by my side and

I can’t stop singing

Laura I wonder where you came from

you are like the sun after the storm

you shine if I am there or not

and I can’t stop singing

Laura is this what is like

to have you by my side

everything is bright so I can’t stop looking

for you, I will find you one day


New Album Lyrics

Hello dear friends,

The new album is nearly ready for you to enjoy it, but before to announce the official date of the release I want to let you know about an idea I had recently.

Since many of you asked me where to find the lyrics of the songs I thought it was a good idea to publish them here one by one.

So from the next week I will share with you the lyrics of the songs of Square One with a little background for you to understand what the song is about and how it was written.

I hope you will enjoy ! 🙂


Photo by Mem Ster

Great news coming soon !!

Hello all,

It has been a while since the last time !

We have been working hard to deliver some great new songs to you!

This project has spanned almost one year, it was hard work but hopefully you guys will like our new EP !

We recorded it between Italy, UK and Spain involving many different musicians from different backgrounds so to give it an interesting international flavour..

Here some shots from the recording:

IMG_7711 IMG_7640 1471710239985 IMG_7939

We want to take this occasion to thank everybody that worked with us on this new project, particularly


more news about the release dates will come soon so stay tuned!!


Picture by Ian Rafael Piqueres Bonner

Live in NY!

First live in US!

Amazing news dear colourshoppers! We will perform for the first time in US the next 26th of May at Pianos NYC.

Meanwhile we are working hard on our new release…hours and hours spent in studio (in some cases home studio) trying to get the best result as usual. It is always a challenge for us to compose and try to create new stories for our fans…so stay tuned!

The Terrace Session!

The Terrace Session is out now!

One year ago we gather all our  friends  in our terrace just outside the main entrance of our house and we gave them a quick anticipation of our last EP “3 pm” that was at that time being recorded and that went out the last May.

Among others we also played an unreleased song called “Good and Bad”.

That day one of our friends, Emanuele Taglieri (http://www.emanueletaglieri.it/Sito/emanueletaglieri.html) shoot the show and…here we are one year after.


This is the tracklist:

  1. 3pm (3 pm)
  2. Good and Bad (unreleased)
  3. My World (3 pm)
  4. Cold White Pieces (Canvas #1)
  5. You & Me  (Canvas #1)
  6. I Want You (Canvas #1)

Just next to the title you can find the EP which contains the song.

We would like to thank all people that made that day so special!



NEW VIDEO for our latest single TONIGHT!

Hiya Colourshoppers! Finally we have the new video for our latest single “Tonight“.

It has been filmed the last April between Southbank and Soho, in London by our friend Antonio Pilade .

It was a great experience to work with Antonio and we had much fun testing our actors skills !

The only downside has been a road sign in the wrong place at the wrong time . .Alfredo hit it hard with his head while walking backwards during the filming – he should be fine ahahah !

A special thanks to Luciano Spitalerihe has helped us working on the post-production giving the video a nice grading.

We would also like to thank Samuele and Susana Silva as they appear as special guests in the video!


Here it is! Hope you like it.



New video and live at The Troubadour!

Hello colourshoppers! We are working hard to finalize our next EP and we promise you will see it very very soon.

The past few days we have been very busy gigging and shooting the new videoclip for our next single which will be…okay now it is time to say it: our next single will be “Tonight”.

We also have an upcoming gig which is worth mentioning. This Thursday we are headlining at The Troubadour, one of the last remaining coffee houses of its era in London, with a club room in the cellar famous as one of the primary venues of the British folk revival in the late 1950s and 1960s.

For more info on the gig click here.

Here are a couple of shoots from our new video.


More news to come soon… Stay tuned !!






Thanks for watching

Hiya Colourshoppers we would like to thank you for the big support! We have overcome 40k views on our official video of Chasing Life.

We have recently uploaded a new video of a live performance at Floripa of “You and Me” from our EP “Canvas #1“. Hope you liked it!

In the next weeks we will shoot a new video for our new single which will be…sorry this information is still top secret hehe!

Stay tuned for great news…the new EP is coming soon!


It’s 3 pm!

The day has come colourshoppers. The new single 3 pm is out NOW!

Available on all main digital stores: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and streaming platforms such as Spotify, Rdio.

Here is a live show we did at OntSofa Standing Up recorded in a studio in London the last December with the amazing Thomas Hewitt at the trumpet:


Enjoy our music and remember “…3 pm is too early and too late to start anything at all…”